Pinworms disturb the sleep of my son.. What can I do

Many mothers suffer from inability of the child to sleep or restless sleep and do not know how to behave toward this. The child in the school at risk to get pinworms infection which is a type of parasite transmitted to the child through the contaminated fingers or food when he puts it in his mouth and swallows it

Thesesmallwhite thread- shape worms live in the intestine and  after fertilization from male, female migrate  to anal region then they put their eggs and die. Anal itching caused by movement of the worms on the anal skin can cause child to scratch and thus the eggs may stick to the finger of the child and his nails. And when he puts his hand in his mouth without washing, these eggs are swallowed and passed to the intestine and the larvae hatch and grow to mature and to repeat their life cycle

It is the commonest cause of anal itching among kindergarten children, students of schools

Symptoms of pinworms infection

Itching in the anal area –

Vulvar or vaginal itching or burning sensation in the urine in girls –

Restless sleep or insomnia –

The diagnosis of pinworms infection does not require analysis of feces. The only way to make sure of the diagnosis is adhesive tape test, but this method is not always effective.The tape test should be performed on any school-aged child complaining of anal pruritus. A piece of transparent adhesive tape should be applied to the perianal area first thing in the morning, prior to bathing or bowel movements. It can be applied overnight also.This can then be placed on a slide and examined under a microscope for eggs or adult worms

Treatment of pinworms infection

These infections are treated by giving drugs to kill the worms but it does not kill the eggs so the dose may be repeated two weeks after the first dose. It is important to treat all members of the family to avoid the recurrence of the infection

Cut child’s fingernails regularly –

Wash hands well after using the toilet and before eating –

Wash underwear and bed sheets in hot waterand expose it to sunlight –

Dr. Layla Alhadad – Family Doctor

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